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Responsible for Investment

Matching Money to Values

We at CBCRL understand that, today’s global investor’s focus not only on successful investments, but also want to ensure sustainable growth of financial and social value. With the growth of global funds associated with different mandates, CBCRL attempts to bridge global fund managers to potential projects in Bangladesh.

CBCRL through its robust deal sourcing mechanism interacts with innovative and impact based projects from multiple sectors. With our in house ESG analysis model, we are suited to function as a local partner of global impact based funds.

City Bank Capital has been transitioning gradually towards becoming an impact based private equity participant with an objective to be fully ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) compliant. The current private equity value additions include:

Structured Deal Sourcing Mechanism

City Bank Capital currently has a structured and efficient deal sourcing mechanism. Beyond the base projects sourced through the parent organization, the company has veteran partners and consultants to track movements of different industries. We work in collaboration with the renewable industry which includes Solar Home Systems (SHS), solar irrigation pumps and Minigrids for off grid areas. We are heavily involved in developing market analytics, relationship building with core government organizations who subsidize the sector and major market participants.

ESG Implementation

City Bank Capital introduces the ESG process to all its prospective projects. The projects essentially will have to add value to the entrepreneur, the consumer of the products and services and stakeholders in the industry value chain.

Management Restructuring

City Bank Capital through its years of experience in corporate advisory provides portfolio companies with market analytics and management expertise to add value to the company’s operational process. As a pseudo general partner, we are heavily involved in the end product development and processes involved to the end objective of creating value to the bottom of the pyramid.